Commission original work by professional scottish artists


Our Artists

We are a curated group of artists living or working in Scotland, whose work is international, yet inspired locally by our landscape, culture and tradition.



Gordon Lochhead Bronze Casting

Sculptures are special objects which claim a place in the world. They are distinct from other work of the human hand. In my case, works are derived from my interest in natural forms like weathered rock and snowdrifts. Also shapes such as the curved ribs of a wooden ship.

My iterative process starts with observation, and I develop concepts through paper sketches and computer 3D modelling. Then by carving, modelling, and molding materials like wood, wax, and metal I express the ideas in concrete form. Using decades of experience with lost-wax metal casting, I cast and finish smaller bronzes in my studio.


Charonne Ruth Glass

My work is inspired by everyday magic in the natural world: how elements invisible and unbeknown to us can affect, shape and change what we see (for instance, how wind gently blowing through the trees, or shifting light above, changes the landscape around us).
At first my paintings inside a glass sculpture may seem flat, but as we move around the piece, painted marks and reflection inside the form, appear/disappear/reappear/unite in different ways from every perspective.

The artist Nael Hanna from Stephen Grubb on Vimeo.

Hetty Haxworth Printmaking

My abstract prints are inspired by patterns found in nature, particularly from the coastal landscape. I enjoy investigating the delicate juxtaposition of colour, form and line.
Hetty Haxworth

Patricia Shone Raku Ceramics

My work has developed over the years in response to the powerful landscape around me and to a feeling of connection with the passage across the land of its past inhabitants. I make mostly functional forms, boxes, bowls, jars, rather direct representation of the landscape, because they are innately human vessels of containment. The surfaces of the land are eroded by forces of climate and human intervention, but the substance of it remains constant and immutable. Traces of the past are scratched all over the hills, and remain in ruined form, as fading monuments to the communities who worked the land.

Vicky Swales Woven Textiles

I love the contrast of using an ancient method that has barely changed over hundreds of years to produce contemporary design. My techniques are individual to my practice, the fabrics I produce on the loom have a double layer, the second layer is like embroidery on top of the first but the embroidering is created using the loom. For me, the possibilities on the loom are endless and this is what draws me to weaving the most.